Om meg

My name is Maria Ianke, and I’m an independent artist. My areas of focus are ceramics and graphics. I live in Oslo and work at Kampen Artkindergarden. I have studied at HIO, teacher in Art and a masters degree there as well.

Most of my ceramic, jewelry or bowls, have organic shapes. I make everything by hand, so everything I make is unique. I love to find out how the shape is going to be each time. I use mostly porcelain and some different highfired clay with some chamotte and love to combain the rough highfired clay with the delicate, white porclain. This contrast is typical for my work. Recently I have starter to use decals on my jewelry and now I find geometric shapes fascinating. My workshop is at Liv i leire, in Thorwald Meyersgt 51, Grünerløkka, Oslo.

My images have themes from my own life. Some with a naiv, childish line, and some with a more delicate, fine line. The themes that occupies me are; companionship, friendship, children, family, lonelyness…I use different kinds of technics; collagrafi, eching, monotopi.
My workshop has been at Norske Grafikeres Verkested på Helsfyr,Oslo. Right now I make pictures at home.